Nobody's Home

Foot Massage.jpg

In 2013 I directed and co-wrote this multi-sensory meditation-comedy for actor-creator Mason Rosenthal to perform in his own bedroom. It debuted at Philadelphia's SoLow Festival, and went on to the New Orleans Fringe Festival where audiences experienced it on board an RV. The show has since toured to more than 50 bedrooms in a dozen cities around the U.S. and had a handful of “studio” performances at colleges and universities.

In Nobody's Home a personality named Nobody leads the audience through three guided mediations, serves them tea and sweets, and provides private dances, foot massages, and shadow fables from the canon of bygone folklore. In 2018 Mason and I launched the sequel, Nobody Knows, as a podcast.

Selected Performances:

  • Philadelphia SoLow Festival, 2013

  • New Orleans Fringe Festival, 2013

  • East Coast Tour, 2014

  • Valentines Day Shows, 2014–2016

  • Launch of Nobody Knows podcast, 2018